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During the last year the Covering Kids and Families Coalition of Madison County has focused on building the framework and structure needed to continue addressing the unmet needs of the uninsured residents of Madison County. We have adopted a meeting schedule for the broad coalition and the steering committee that engages both groups constructively. The broad coalition meetings have focused on informative presentations and creating connections through existing partners. The steering committee group has been helpful in creating sub-committee groups, providing guidance in specific areas including the 2010 work plan, Presumptive Eligibility and school-based outreach. Lastly we have brought the enrollment centers together and begun working on creating a shared identity in the hopes of building a stronger relationship with the local DFR office.

Additional effort has been made to tackle Presumptive Eligibility (PE) enrollment rates in the county. We have formed a work group to focus on marketing and expanding knowledge among physicians and other community partners. We have expanded the size of the coalition by including new partners, including the Madison County Minority Health Coalition and the Madison County Head Start. We have reached out to school staff to expand outreach services in the schools through the nurses and other staff. The coalition as a whole as partnered to provide enrollment and information pertaining to the uninsured throughout the county during special health and social services fairs. The coalition also created a referral network, which allows partners that currently do not complete applications to refer clients to the CKF for referral to the nearest enrollment center. We have also looked at recent Census data and other resources to create an estimate of the number of uninsured individuals in Madison County.

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